Little Lighthouse Children's Rehab
Story Time
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Once upon a time


...there was a Special Education Teacher (He) who met a Graduate School Applicant for Speech Language Pathology (She). 
Little did they know that this match made in heaven would lead them to three clinics. 
They fell in love, got married, Applicant (She) turned into a SLP.  
Teacher (He) and SLP (She) turned into Administrators then turned into Owners.
Then God blessed us with:
 an awesome, devoted OT, 
a single Mom turned Front Office,
and many praying family and friends.  
We went from the 4 of us in 1 clinic to 40 of us in 3 clinics. 
Now we are devoted in sharing our blessings with others in order to serve the children here in the Rio Grande Valley by providing quality therapy.  






We are a family oriented facility.  We care for each other.  We believe maintaining team work and overall cohesion in our clinics is essential to providing quality care for our patients.  Happy therapists = happy patients.